The Past, The Present and The (Not So) Future of Teddy

The Rule of 3:
The Past, The Present and The (Not So) Future of Teddy in “The Legend of Tanisha Biggers: Deluxe Edition”

Teddy’s character is the progenitor of the Black Haven Series, and his magnetic energy pulled other powerful characters into my creative view.

He sits down with Earline Jones for a comical date in the short story Cardinal Rule. Teddy’s looking for love, but Earline isn’t looking back. In Swiggers, Teddy is an old man with a never ending supply of saucy jokes. Some laugh, some cringe and others don’t know what to do with this incorrigible coot. In the novelette The Legend of Tanisha Biggers, Teddy’s death is the ghost that comes back to haunt the neighborhood of Black Haven. The person he affects the most is the main character, Tanisha.

In three stories, Teddy’s presence seen and felt in his physical prime, as a side-splitting senior citizen and also beyond the grave. His personality is as complex as the worlds that swirl around him. To Earline, he’s adorable, yet naive. To the old men in his crew, he is fun to be around. To Tanisha, his motives were questionable – at best. Put together, The Legend of Tanisha Biggers: Deluxe Edition tells an overarching narrative in three distinct movements.

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