“Gray Jedi Master Tupac” by Joseph R. Wheeler III (Mixed Media on illustration board 2016) “When I discovered that Tupac Shakur was selected and had auditioned for George Lucas to be a Jedi in the Star Wars pantheon, it had an amazing effect on my imagination. I thought, ‘Where we he be now had he continued his journy in this dimension?’ He would be in his 40s. So what type of actor would he be by now? What type of Emcee? What type of political influence would he possess with a with a seasoned extension of his journey? So looking at the dualitities of Tupac with a level of self-smatery, someone with a focus on balance, I said how beautiful would it be to see him as a ‘gray Jedi.’ Gray Jedi is actual Star Wars canon to describe Jedi who do not claim the Jedi Coucil dogma nor that of the Sith. They have a personalized/individual Jedi status. I have depicted Tupac as a powerful Gray Jedi Master. Rest in power, Pac.”

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