OnyxCon Infinity Art Exhibit, Southwest Art Center, Atlanta, GA

The OnyxCon Infinity Art Exhibit opened at the Southwest Art Center in Atlanta, GA, on August 19, 2016. The exhibit will stay on view through September 9, 2016. Known as THE RESURRECTION, this collection is a celebration of transitioned Artists with a focus on fantasty, supernatural, superhero, afrofuturism and related themes.

(Click on a picture to few the pictures in Gallery Mode.)

Day Two at the Urban Axis IndyCon 2 with Jarvis Sheffield and the Black Science Fiction Society

Day Two of the Urban Axis IndyCon 2 was very informative. I got a chance to speak with a few more of the vendors. I also had the opportunity to talk to some of the people who organized the IndyCon. In addition being passionate about bringing artists together, all of the organizers are artists in their own right. We ended up discussing everything from graphic novels to video games to music.

This event was a very special moment to me. I finally got a chance to meet Jeff and Joyce Dickerson. I dubbed them my “Literary Parents.” We’ve been down with each other for many, many years, and they stopped by to support me and the Black Science Fiction Society. And they brought me chocolate. I love chocolate.

For Day Two, I interviewed IndyCon organizer Adam McCullar (aka Imije The MC), comic book producer Nicholas Hoo, IndyCon organizer Isaac Smith, comic book artists Raymond and Anthony Sanders, graphic artist Deforrest, literary supporters Jeff and Joyce Dickerson, and comic book artist Kevin Chapman.

Here are the videos from Day Two: