To Catch a Book Cover Model: a short story

Book Cover: To Catch a Book Cover Model: a short story

Have you ever had a crush on a character from your favorite story? Meet Marcello Wilson...

Marcello definitely judges books by their covers. Better yet, he takes it a step further. Marcelo judges books by a particular book cover model, the stunningly beautiful Jai Brown. With his friends Eugene and Keysha in tow, Marcello rushes to a women’s convention to take the once in a lifetime chance to get all of his books with Jai on the cover signed by Jai herself. Will he make it in time, or will he miss his date with destiny?

To Catch A Book Cover Model: A Short Story is packed with brash dialogue, gratuitous fashion and fast-paced action. Get ready for an adventure and a half with this short story about a young man whose love for Urban Fiction goes beyond the books.

(To Catch A Book Cover Model is 4,200+ words and includes a bonus Author’s Note section and more. This story also contains adult language.)

Reviews:Alyssa on Amazon wrote:

Here's a short story by an author I enjoy rather well. To Catch A Book Cover Model by Joey Pinkney is about Marcello's goal to meet and received the autograph of his long-time Urban Fictional Author, Jai Brown. He's goes through searching, with fail, for his copy of Jai Brown's novel, Hoodrat with the Good Cat , being late because his best friend DIDN'T fill the gas tank after using his car, picking up his girlfriend and so much more!

In a nutshell, it's the story of my husband's life but with my goal: to meet my favor author! I laughed through the entire story, with a few "Ooo's" and "Oh no's"! The story is cute and annoying, but one that ended with a smile. You have to like shorts like this one.

I am so honored Mr. Pinkney picked me to read this- I'm a fan. So I'm on to the next novel!

Valerie Michelle on Amazon wrote:

I needed to laugh today. Thank you, Joey Pinkney, for the smooth and pointed way you wrote the conversational banter between the two male characters--thrusting and parrying their words and non-verbal expressions in 45rpm, 33 & 1/3rpm, and slow-motion speeds.

I snickered, cracked-up, and paused with compassion. Also, I appreciate how Mr. Pinkney pairs his ear for language with conjuring images that elevates each scene to an almost voyeuristic, cinematic experience in the short story format.

HalfwayAuthor on Amazon wrote:

Joey Pinkney wrote a simple story. Nothing unique and sort of ho-hum. I enjoyed his lively characters and their dialogue. I even liked the subject of Marcello’s desire – his infatuation with books and his dream girl, Jai.

The story is tightly written and descriptive. The language is appropriate for the characters. While reading, I thought this is a 3-star story. But then I reached the Author’s Notes, and my interest was keenly heightened. I won’t spoil anything, but this is where the real story lies, and for that, I gave it 4-stars. Overall, an entertaining quick read from a talented writer.

Christine on Amazon wrote:

This one had me laughing loudly at the characters, Eugene, Marcello and Keysha. Interesting to be infatuated with the cover model on Urban fiction books. When I read Joey's work, however, I never take it as literal as it appears, because he as a way with words, and it forces you to look within the layers to find other meanings. It was really a fun read!

Venis Nytes on Amazon wrote:

Each person stayed in their given character. Its an urban piece that captures a lot of stereotypes and makes use of street vernacular that was present at the the time the story took place. So you can connect with the characters, places and situations in the story. It does have a HEA ending.

What I found even more interesting than the story itself was the write up at the end describing the elements in the book.

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