Swiggers: a short story

Life-after-retirement for Theodore Roosevelt Washington (aka Teddy) centers around hanging out with the other rowdy old men in front of Pee Wee's Market. Cracking jokes, drinking liquor and flirting with the young women may change for the crew now that the corner store is under new management.

In Swiggers, Teddy is the unofficial raconteur of the old men who have been hanging around Pee Wee's Market since forever. What happens after the laughter when the new store owner doesn't want them around?

If you like reading bittersweet short stories that make you laugh as well as think, experience Swiggers right now. This 3,250+ word short story takes 20 minutes to read. You also get a bonus 1,900+ word Author's Note to further enhance your reading experience.

If you've read Cardinal Rule (another short story by Joey Pinkney), you'll also see another aspect of the main character Teddy.

Reviews:Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

Swiggers left me wanting to hear more about the antics of Teddy and his sly store front gang.I could almost hear the wine guzzling, the knock you on your behind guffaws and punchlines that rib and crackle and then simmer through the summer air.

It gave me long ago glimpses of the down home, cozy world of Zora Neal Hurston, painting pictures of pranksters perched outside of black general store, sipping on corn liquor and sucking on sugarcane.

Mr Pinckney owes it to himself and his readers to give us a broader view of Teddy and his aging team of scoundrels. Questions are brewing in my mind, was Teddy a widower, why couldn't this flockof magpies find other digs and perch some where else? I anxiously await Mr Pinckney's next installment.

HalfwayAuthor on Amazon wrote:

Once again, Joey Pinkney has hit a home run with this short story. The cover image is great, and that sparkle in the eye tells you what you're going to get from Teddy.

What I find most refreshing about the author isn't so much his stories, but what he tells you about the story when its over. The author states, "The beauty of a short story like Swiggers is that it is rich as the experiences you are willing to bring to it." And that is what makes it a worthwhile read.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

For me, short stories are designed to stir emotions by drawing readers into characters and settings. As an example in Swiggers, character "Teddy" school boy antics, yep remembered, not too far from memories of my Dad and his buddies!

Setting took me to a place remembered: huge oak trees in the south and rural community or small town settings: mirrored all to well in urban cities. Great job...looking toward your next writing journey.

Christine on Amazon wrote:

Such a fun-filled story of Teddy and his crew. [It] also [showed] the importance of friendship and the need to have something to look forward to every day. For Teddy, it was his life-line to meet up with his boys at Pee Wee's to drink and shoot the breeze. I laughed heartily reading this story. Those jokes really cracked me up. Laughter is the best medicine, and loneliness is a heart-breaker.

Bravo, Joey! Well done once again.

Eric Cone on Amazon wrote:

What a great story--about life, friendships, change; and all us needing purpose to sustain us. 'Swiggers' only took about 10-15 minutes to read, but the message is powerful! I was hooked immediately and transported to the comfort of a shade tree, surrounded and welcomed by a group of old friends... I loved it!

Sher on Amazon wrote:

Great story. It draws the reader in for a glimpse of a mans life with great details and supporting characters. I give this a five star review for great characters and an interesting main character. I only wish it was not a short story because of how well the author drew me in. I wanted to read more.

Debra on Amazon wrote:

Well written and thoroughly enjoyable, "Swiggers" made me feel like I was watching the old men under the shade tree, telling jokes and "dranking their drank." Thank you, Joey Pinkney, for an excellent read.

LaLa on Amazon wrote:

I am reminded of those Friday movies! I really enjoyed. LOL!

Danielle L. Moore on Amazon wrote:

Great... Reminded me of my grandfather and his friends. I grew up amongst these men. I felt at home in this story.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

I feel like I was right there with this group of hilarious old men. The jokes made me chuckle. I enjoyed this quick read.

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