Cardinal Rule: a short story

Cardinal Rule: a short story is romantic, but this isn’t a romance...

What do you do when you’ve been there and done that - the good, the bad and the ugly? Meet Earline Jones, a woman who is easy on the eyes and hard on a man - when she loves him.

What do you do when you know who you love, but you don’t know how to express it? Meet Theodore Roosevelt Washington aka Teddy. When he falls in love with a woman, he hones in on her smallest details - and cracks jokes about them.

While enjoying a quick rendezvous, Earline and Teddy are consumed by three things: expressing what makes their hearts beat, sitting in red hot heat and eating ice cold treats. It quickly becomes an intersection between affection and reflection.

("Cardinal Rule: A Short Story" is 3,100+ words and includes a bonus Author’s Note section and more.)

Reviews:Leah G Mraz on Amazon wrote:

The characters' entire past together was perfectly developed in my head and in many ways, although it ends open-ended, I feel I know what lies ahead. So much told over one ice cream outing. Enjoyed the dialogue and banter along with the push and pull of opposites.

Christine on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed this short story of dialogue between two lovers who met at an ice cream parlor. There conversation regarding there relationship was captured by a chocolate shake and a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Very clever Joey.. I longed for more of Earline and Teddy, wondering just what would have happened if she stayed just a little while longer.

Green Fire on Amazon wrote:

This is my first read by Joey Pinkney. I enjoyed a different type of story telling infused with symbolism, sensuality, and innocence. Although the conversation seemed stilted at times, it made sense by the end because it's a story of what if's and not reaching the fulfillment. People can love each other and let their own pride ruin a good thing because they won't open up. That's what I got from it. Perhaps others got a different idea. All in all, I enjoyed it.

J Kahele on Amazon wrote:

Isn't it funny how Earline can make a scoop of ice cream seem so sensual. She meets Teddy for an ice cream date and we learn that they have known each other for sometime. I like the way this author set up the skit and the ending was very shocking. For a 21 page story this author was able to engage me into the story and keep me there.

Allysa on Amazon wrote:

The author of this story is a hilarious fellow. I think I met Joey Pinkney during an author event on Facebook and seems to be one of the few who's constantly interacting with others. We're buddies on Instagram too; this is where I found Cardinal Rule. The short story is about a couple; a couple I thought were married until a particular conversation began.

I thought this story was very funny. It was real- I've heard many conversations that went along the lines of this story and it just felt real! Sadly, just when Teddy should have pushed, he let her get away! He tried to go way back first, and I understand, but then- BAM! No spoilers...

It's a story that ends almost as it begins, but it's worth letting the time pass to read it. I enjoyed it. It was a tidbit into getting to know Joey as an author and I will be purchase another book of his in the coming future for my #TBRList.
Time to grab another book!

Teresa D. Patterson on Amazon wrote:

It's was good to see Mr. Joey Pinkney, 'Your Favorite Book Reviewer's Favorite Book Reviewer,' and lover of chocolate, on the other end of the pen. Since I read his short story, "Like Father, Like Son" in The Soul of a Man anthology, I've been anticipating more works from him.
I enjoyed reading Cardinal Rule. The dialogue and interaction between the two characters was great. I actually didn't expect the ending.

Keep them coming, Joey! I enjoy reading your work.

Patricia Avant on Amazon wrote:

It is not often that I will get out of my bed, at 3:43 a.m., to write a review. But "Cardinal Rule," a short story by author Joey Pinkney, wrote its own review. I just typed it. A cardinal rule, is defined in the dictionary as “A fundamental rule, upon which other matters hinge." In this short story a man fails to acknowledge two such rules. 1. "Time waits on no man." 2. "He who hesitates is lost."

Because it is a short story, I will not give away anything more. Not even a name. And the names are very important in this story. Their names fit them so well, you can envision them in your mind’s eye. It was all I could do to keep from jumping to the end. And then the end broke my heart. There was this uncontrollable, nooooo.

I wanted to yell - COME BACK!!! But all that was left was a "Beep."

Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

Mr. Pinckney's writing reminds me of Raymond Carver the master of short story telling. A man who knew when to leave the literary building and call it quits, but I on the other hand am reminded of a coloric filled container of Ben&Jerry's. I close my eyes and savor each and every delectable mound, and before I know it I'm raking and scrapping at the bottom of the cardboard, longing for one last knowledgeable peek of voyuerism into the couple's on again/off again affair.

Earline Jones is her own woman, comfortable and confident in her own skin, perhaps a little bit too comfortable. Teddy and Earline play a verbal, sexual game of cat and mouse underneath a canopy of steamy, southern sun with a seductive bowl of strawberry ice cream that stands between their past and panting future. A frozen delight that does double duty, serving also as a romantic time clock. Mr. Pinkney did a helluva job giving us a good sense of time and place. I could just about feel the heat of the sweltering day, and the traffic bustling and buzzing. I see great things in this young and gifted writer's future. I anxiously await his next short story, or perhaps he'll be generous enough to honor his readers with a full blown novel.

Angelia Vernon Menchan on Amazon wrote:

Cardinal Rule is a short story about long time lovers, who meet for ice cream and milk shakes on their 20th anniversary. The story is short but languid and reveals quite a bit about the characters. I would have loved a bit more.

Dera R Williams on Amazon wrote:

Language use and timing are key to this short story. Theodore and Earline engage in a banter of love and war all too familiar to anyone who has dared to love hard.

Midnight Red on Amazon wrote:

The Cardinal Rule is a story about lovers, meeting up to share ice cream and celebrate their 20th anniversary. The story was very short yet the characters were developed. The information was included afterwards was indepth.

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