Kool Ade Kam, Live at Motor City Black Age of Comics 2016

Kool Ade Kam performed a live Hip Hop set at the 8th Annual Motor City Black Age of Comics at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, 11-12-16. I took the opportunity to record it on Facebook Live.

He performed “Oh Yeah,” “Wake Up,” “Hands Up” and “GOLD.”

Jackie Loggins reviews “Fallen Towers”

I met Jackie Loggins in the chat room of the Black Science Fiction Society. After conversing a bit, she expressed interest in reviewing one of my short stories. She picked, “Children in the City of the Fallen Towers,” and the rest is history…

Excerpt from Review:

“First, I would like to thank author Joey Pinkney for working with me to put together this book review. He was so gracious in allowing me to pick a title from his catalog. Once I reached his  author page, I immediately knew which book I wanted to review for this segment.

When it comes to the events and tragedies of 9/11, we often hear about the fallen heroes, widowed spouses and most of all the terrorists who were involved. But rarely have I personally seen news segments or articles or books of personal stories about the orphans in which the events of 9/11 created.

And reading this short story brought up a lot questions in my mind as to why this is so. Aren’t the children of lost parents voices just as important as a widow(er) or the family of one of the terrorists? In our society, to be parent-less puts you in a very vulnerable and often dangerous situation.”

Read the full review here:


Joey Pinkney , featured guest: “Just My Thoughts with Graffiti Bleu 10/28/16”

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Graffiti Bleu’s show. We talked about our perspective on both writing creatively and writing for the purpose and business of publication. We tried to answer the question, “What makes a writer write?”

Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney 10/17/16

In this episode of Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney, you get a behind the scenes look at his one of his top secret coffee styles. He shares an excerpt on a review of “Children in the City of the Fallen Towers.

He also shares an author experience that highlights friendship, kindness and generosity. There’s a German Chocolate Brownie and coffee. He talks about Emotional Contagion and the “Stay Positive, It’s Positive” movement.

He ends this episode with a writin tip involving plotting things out. It’s all “Coffee Talk.”

Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney 10/09/16

In this episode of “Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney,” Joey gets back into the swing of things after a brief hiatus. He talks about his bride, his upcoming(?) book and beta readers. And chocolate, of course…

New coffee mug. New background (kinda). Same ole Joey. It’s “Coffee Talk.”

Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney 9/22/15

In this episode of “Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney,” Joey talks about Summer 2016 and dodging the Summer Cold. He gets parched but quickly recovers. A wedding gift is mentioned. And he talks books.

Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney 9/15/16

In this episode of “Coffee Talk with Joey Pinkney,” Joey shares his ubiquitous “Coffee Cup Philosophy.” He makes a matriculous attempt at explaining the Law of Diminishing Returns. He also talks books.